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Long Hair Cut & Blow Dry

Olapex 4-in-1 Moisture hair mask including a soothing head massage

Service Description

A full consultation of all your hair needs followed by: Olaplex 4- in- 1 Hair mask Mask is a highly powerful concentrated reparative mask that has been specially designed to restore moisture back into damaged, brittle, and dull hair and to add long lasting shine & body after just one use. The mask is highly concentrated with Olaplex patented technology to successfully strengthen even the most fragile hair bonds while adding intense long-lasting shine, moisture, unbeatable body and smooths out hair for a super supple finish. All Olaplex products are vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic formulas that are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and Phosphates. This service takes 10 minutes and is used with Olaplex Bond Maintenance shampoo and a relaxing head massage followed by your Cut & Blow Dry.

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